Artificial lure fishing or angling is an art.

Art Lure FishingTo make things a little bit more exciting in life, anglers and fishermen tend to set personal goals in their fishing and angling adventures. One of these goals, might be to target the size of a specific species. The phrase “The bigger, the better” comes to mind! This is by far the most well known and oldest “goal post” of many anglers and fishermen in the past, but these days, there is a new “goal”, that is becoming more and more popular. This goal, is to catch as many different species of fish as possible (or as I call it “Target species diversification”).

The thrill of targeting as many different fish species as possible, can almost be compared to bird watching, where birdwatchers gets a thrill to spot and identify as many different species of birds at a location as possible.

Artificial lure fishing or angling (or Artlure fishing as it’s known in South Africa), is perfect for this scenario, where you want to target a variety of different species of fish in a day. Your day on the water never becomes boring, as you look for different species of fish all day long! The whole fishing experience is also much more intense and involved, as you have to study and know the different behaviors of the different fish species you’re targeting. Their eating patterns and preferable food source, their common behavior, and their aggressiveness, all becomes an integral part, in planning and figuring out how to catch them on an artificial lure. Understanding the influence the weather, as well as the surrounding habitat have on the behavior of these different species of fish, will also play a big role when it comes to your success rate, catching fish with the lure fishing method.

  • Like hunting, you first have to choose your lures carefully. Knowing your fish, and their behavior, will help you choose the perfect lure and setup, to target the specific species.
  • Next you have to find the fish. Your knowledge of the weather and the surrounding habitat, and the influence it has on the specific species, will help you locate them in no time at all!
  • The final step is to successfully stalk the fish. Seeing that this is a very visual way of targeting fish, you must realize that the fish can also see you! If you think that camouflage clothing only applies to hunting, then think again! Especially when targeting them from the bank.

Art lure fishing can be very fulfilling, and knowing that you tricked that fish into striking a piece of plastic or metal, sometimes created by yourself, can be a very proud and exciting feeling!

Happy Art Lure fishing!


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