Lure Fishing

Artificial lure fishing or angling is an art.

Art Lure FishingTo make things a little bit more exciting in life, anglers and fishermen tend to set personal goals in their fishing and angling adventures. One of these goals, might be to target the size of a specific species. The phrase “The bigger, the better” comes to mind! This is by far the most well known and oldest “goal post” of many anglers and fishermen in the past, but these days, there is a new “goal”, that is becoming more and more popular. This goal, is to catch as many different species of fish as possible (or as I call it “Target species diversification”).

The thrill of targeting as many different fish species as possible, can almost be compared to bird watching, where birdwatchers gets a thrill to spot and identify as many different species of birds at a location as possible.

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